An integrated knowledge database dedicated to ncRNAs, especially lncRNAs.


Keyword Search

This page allows you to search All, uniq-ncRNA and reference in NONCODE by keywords. You can enter multiple words separated by whitespace into the box and these will be implicitly joined with a logical AND. Here is the query tips.

  1. Search NONCODE, you can use NONCODE id as keywords.
  2. Search Refseq, you can use refseq id as keywords.
  3. Search Ensembl, you can use ensembl id as keywords. [Note: Search Ensembl supports only transcripts. ]
  4. Search Name, you can use name as keywords.
  5. Search NONCODEv3, you can use NONCODEv3 id as keywords.

Subset Search

Species:  Source:  Exon Number:  Length:  CNCI score:

To satisfying researchers quality demand, NONCODEv5 provides a subset searching interface. You can choose the following conditions to get the high quality subset.

  1. source of the data, for instance, from literature, or from RefSeq or Ensembl or GENCODE or lncRNAdb, or from the third-generation sequencing technology, etc.
  2. exon number of a transcript. The more exons, maybe the higher quality of the transcripts.
  3. the length of the transcript. The longer, maybe the higher quality of the transcripts.
  4. the predicted score. The smaller of the score, the higher quality of the transcripts. The predicted tools used is CNCI, introduced in this paper. Sun, L., Luo, H., Bu, D., Zhao, G., Yu, K., Zhang, C., Liu, Y., Chen, R. and Zhao, Y. (2013) Utilizing sequence intrinsic composition to classify protein-coding and long non-coding transcripts. Nucleic Acids Res, 41, e166.