An integrated knowledge database dedicated to ncRNAs, especially lncRNAs.

Search Conservation


This page allows you to search information about conservation information about long non-coding RNA. You can enter NONCODE ID or conservation constrain.

1.Search NONCODE ID. You can use NONCODE gene id ad keywords. Since this version only supports human gene conservation information, NONCODE ID should start with NONHSAG.

2.Search conservation constrain. to choose the NONCODE human genes which are conserved or not in the selected species.

Conservation Constrain search:

SpeciesConservation StatusConservation Status
ChimpNot conservedConserved
GorillaNot conservedConserved
OrangutanNot conservedConserved
RhesusNot conservedConserved
MouseNot conservedConserved
RatNot conservedConserved
CowNot conservedConserved
PigNot conservedConserved
OpossumNot conservedConserved
PlatpusNot conservedConserved
ChickenNot conservedConserved
ZebrafishNot conservedConserved